Creating the Perfect Scent– Whether we're using a well known fragrance as inspiration, or creating an entirely custom scent, we take pride in our ability to turn your emotions and branding into something special.

Break the Mold – In addition to traditional blends, we can also produce natural and organic fragrances. All of these fragrances can be used in an array of products, from fine perfume to candles, and everything in between.

Our Reputation is Everything –We take the time to ensure that every scent is perfectly crafted to reflect your vision and cater to your demographic


Leading to Sales – We have extensive experience with structuring licensing agreements, and working with the licensor to deliver a quality product backed by strategic marketing plans that lead to sales.

Please contact us if you have a highly selective license that you would like us to consider.


Warehousing & Drop shipping – As a fully integrated partner, we offer a full array of logistics that allow you to keep focus on your brand. We can arrange storage in our secure warehouse, giving us the ability to drop ship orders directly to your online retail customers.

EDI & 3PL – In addition, we are fully EDI& 3PL compatible.  We are capable of fulfilling shipments directly to your distribution channels.